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Free Web-based Email wars continue?

Taken from User Friendly Comic Strips Tuesday, June 29th 2004

A.J : Hotmail just boosted its free storage allocation. Just Like Yahoo.
Greg : In response to Gmail?
A.J : Yes. It’s like going to a restaurant and you find out that you get a bigger plate than at the one next door. But the portions you’re served stay the same.
Greg : How does spam fit into this?
A.J : I guess that would be like someone vomiting on to your plate.
Greg : OH GOD!!
Sid : And spam filters?
A.J : Pouring the vomit through a strainer.
Greg : AAAGH!!!

Sometimes big storage just not enough…. :p


  1. Thu, 8 Jul 2004    

    Andi! Jadi emang bener hotmail mau nambah kapasitasnya? Sejak kapan? Kok account gw masih segitu aja?

  2. Sun, 11 Jul 2004    

    Spam is the enemy of all!

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