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Love and Pain

Love and Pain, two words which have two different meanings.
But when you love someone you have to prepare to feel pain. Why? Because sometimes love isn’t as beautiful as the meaning of ‘Love’ itself.
When you love someone, sometimes you have to sacrifice something, something that you really like. Why? Because sometimes you’re willing to do anything to get that ‘Love’.
But when you want to feel ‘Love’, you have to feel the ‘Pain’ so you appreciate the ‘Love’ feeling.

Right now I feel the ‘Pain’. Actually I always feel the ‘Pain’. Maybe someday I could feel the ‘Love’. Someday…

Someone told me that I’m a sensitive guy, actually she put my name in her phonebook as ‘Sensitive Guy’. I wish I’m not that sensitive about my surroundings.

*kayaknya gw kebanyakan bikin tugas nih ya sampe ngelantur gini*


  1. Mon, 28 Feb 2005    


    love and pain itu cuma beda-beda tipis…..

    lam kenal.

  2. Tue, 1 Mar 2005    

    iya beda beda tipis deh hehehe
    met kenal juga :)
    thx udah mau mampir :)

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