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Today, my PC’s power supply is broke down. As usual, if there are some problem with my PC, I always get stress. Then I ask Yogi to accompany me to Mangga Dua Mall. Fortunately, he’s going to Gambir to buy a ticket for his brother-in-law. In Mangga Dua Mall, the shop where I bought my PC is closed, so we look around for a power supply. We found some power supply, which is not cheap. Then we found a shop, that sold PC’s accessories that I never saw before. Then we ask for power supply, and the price was so expensive. But then after a long talk, I finally decide to buy a power supply in that shop (not the expensive one). They say the power supply that I bought is a very good power supply, the brand is ‘HEC’. And it cost me about 260 thousands rupiah for the 300w power supply. Well I hope they’re right that the power supply that I bought is a very good one. And now, my PC is running well again. And luckily there’s no other hardware are breakdown because of the power supply failure.

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