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News about Google Code Jam in Media Indonesia

Taken from Priyadi’s website, after 10 days of announcement about the Google Code Jam India 2005, Media Indonesia finnaly publish the news into their newspaper. The title of the article is “Programmer Indonesia Juara Google India Code Jam 2005″. The news is about 2 Indonesian Programmers who wins in the Google Code Jam 2005.

Seperti diulas situs Google.com, Ardian K Poernomo dan Pascal Alfadian berhasil menjadi juara pertama dan kedua dalam perlombaan tersebut. Sedangkan posisi ketiga sampai kelima direbut programmer asal India yaitu Rajsekar Manokaran, Nishant Redkar, dan Sreeram Ramachandran.

Pascal Alfadian is a student of Parahyangan Univesity. And another student from Parahyangan University who made it into the final is my friend, Renald.

Proficiat for Indonesian Programmer

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