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Is your blast collecting dust?

In Yahoo! 360º I often get a message “Is your blast collecting dust?” My blast is not collecting dust! But my PC’s heatsink is collecting dust. It makes my CPU heat until 80-100 Celcius degree. Whew!
The problem occured when my PC always shutdown by itself. I thought it was caused by a virus. But finnaly I checked on the BIOS and the CPU heat is about 85. At first, i thought it was normal, because i don’t know the usual CPU heat. So I start googling. I was suprised because people said that the normal CPU heat supposed to be at 40 degree and the highest is 78 degree.
Then I ask my friend via YM what could cause the overheat. He said that the thermal paste between the heatsink and the processor is not tight enough. So I was hopeless because I must bring my PC to the Computer Shop to re-thermal paste it.
Still curios, I unplugged all the cords in the back of the PC and look inside it. I found that the CPU fan is dusty, and the heatsink is covered with thick dust. So I cleaned it up because I thought the heat is blocked by the dust.
After clening it up, I turn my PC back on and check the BIOS. The CPU heat is at 52 degree. So that was the problem :))
Before this, my PC is using an FC-PGA (using slot 1), so the CPU fan is rarely get covered by dust. But now I use socket 775. The placement of the processor is likely to get covered by dust instead of the slot 1.
So I must clean it up regularly. Duh… more work :p

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
FC-PGA Processor.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
LGA775 Processor

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