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Well, I have a new other blog (again!!!!). It’s in http://belutz.vox.com. Vox.com is owned by Six Apart, Ltd., the company who created Movable Type engine. So if you guys are looking for the suitable blog engine for you, vox.com is a great place for you to try the Movable Type engine. As for WordPress engine you can try it in wordpress.com. I intended to use my new blog at vox.com as my Mobile Blogging, so every post in that blog will be sent via email from my handphone using GPRS connection. If you create a new blog at vox.com, don’t forget to add me into your neigborhood, ok? :D


  1. Wed, 8 Nov 2006    

    andi liciikkk. aku baruu mau cerita ini. huh, invite aku dungs, http://engeltje.vox.com …. hehehe

  2. Wed, 8 Nov 2006    

    hahaha… kok licik? :P
    udah aku add tuh :)

  3. Sat, 11 Nov 2006    

    Mas kalo di vox bisa pasang iklan sendiri gak? Add aku ya http://supriyadisw.vox.com Muakasih :D

  4. Sat, 11 Nov 2006    

    Bisa mungkin yah, belum sempet ngoprek2 vox lebih jauh, btw sudah aku add tuh mas :)


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