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Ubuntu-ID Online Gathering 23 Februari 2007

On February 23rd 2007, Ubuntu Indonesia Community held an online gathering in #ubuntu-id in irc.freenode.net. This event is a medium to get to know the community members and to talk about the agenda listed in Ubuntu-ID Agenda wiki page. There are a lot of members who come to this meeting.

wvdial configuration

A lot of my friends still asking how to connect to internet using their Linux box. Personally I always use wvdial to connect to the internet using my GPRS connection. To make a connection, I have to modify the wvdial.conf file that is located in /etc/wvdial.conf


At last i have the time to write about this incredible mobile platform.

OpenMoko is an open source mobile communications movement with a mission to create a platform that empowers people to customize their phone, much like a computer, in any way they see fit. It is a platform that focuses on innovation, usability, reliability and quality.
Because OpenMoko is based on the latest Linux, developers now have an easy way to create applications and deliver services that span all users and provide a common “look and feel”.


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