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Ubuntu-ID Online Gathering 23 Februari 2007

On February 23rd 2007, Ubuntu Indonesia Community held an online gathering in #ubuntu-id in irc.freenode.net. This event is a medium to get to know the community members and to talk about the agenda listed in Ubuntu-ID Agenda wiki page. There are a lot of members who come to this meeting.

Feisty Fawn Release Party
We are planning the Feisty Fawn Release Party to be held in Bandung or Jogjakarta. We still planning for the place and the event itself. Diki Andeas is responsible to find information of places in Bandung, while Alvonsius is responsible to find information of places in Jogjakarta. The event will take place around early May 2007.

LPI Certification
Ubuntu-ID Community is plan to be an example project for LPI Certification in Indonesia. So we decided to create an online classroom in IRC to share and learn more about Linux before we take the certification. Andy Apdhani is responsible for making the schedule.

Other agenda is postponed because the person responsible for it can’t come because he had something to do.

The chat log is available here.


  1. Wed, 28 Feb 2007    

    eh itu classroom nya mau dimulai kapan bos??? dan elo yang ngajar tuk pertama kali yah? mau? ntar gw arrange jadwal yg the best untuk loe deh hehehe

  2. Wed, 28 Mar 2007    

    ditunggu nih yang gathering offline-nya

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