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Monthly archives for March, 2007

Making an Aggregator Site

For the past few days, I’ve been trying to create an aggregator site that contains my colleagues blog posts. At first, I use Drupal using the built-in aggregator module. Although it works well, but it don’t display the pictures from the blog posts. Then I tried using WordPress. I’ve tried two or three WordPress plugins that can create an aggregator site. I decided to use FeedWordPress plugin. Because it works as I expected. You can see the result site in here.

Spam Comments

Since this blog is up, akismet already catch about 800 spam comments. For today it catches about 40 spam comments. I’m wondering how they spam a blog site? Are they using a special software or spam it manually?
I’ve tried to observe the spam. Some posts generate more spam than other posts. So I closed some posts for commenting just to see if it could block the spam that come through that post.
I read that some blogs also receive trackback spam. Actually it happened in my older blog. Luckily it doesn’t happened yet in this blog.

Pemenang Quiz Cityku

Pengumuman pemenang quiz dari www.cityku.com yang pernah ditulis di sini sudah diumumkan. Daftar pemenang bisa dilihat di sini. Selamat bagi para pemenang. Dan untuk yang belum menang semoga bisa menang di quiz-quiz lainnya :D


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