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Bandung Feisty Fawn Release Party

Today there’s a Festy Fawn Release Party in Common Room, Bandung, Indonesia. I did a presentation about introduction to Ubuntu, Feisty Fawn features and about LoCo Teams and give a demo of Feisty Fawn and Beryl. There are also Budi Rahardjo and Andika Triwidada from Debian community. Budi Rahardjo also give talk about Open Source. They both wear a tshirt with Debian logo in it :D Ikhlasul Amal from BHTV (Bandung Hi-Tech Valley) also attended the event, also Ferry Haris from Department of Communication and Information Technology of The Republic of Indonesia who sponsored Feisty Fawn CDs for giveaway.

Hello Planet Ubuntu

After Feisty Fawn release and waiting the download is finish (it’s still not finish yet because of the slow connection), I added myself into http://planet.ubuntu.com. And I’m the 2nd person from Ubuntu-ID who join Planet Ubuntu

So I would like to say Hi to all Ubuntu members around the world, Hi All!! :)

For all of you who haven’t read my post about Grand Launching Windows Vista in Jakarta, Indonesia, you can read it here –> Look Who’s WOW Now

Ubuntu 7.04 is out!

Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) is out and ready to download. You can download it from http://releases.ubuntu.com

Or you can download it from Indonesia mirror server at (you have to wait because these servers still mirroring the ISOs) :


You should read this before installing/upgrading to Feisty
http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/704 and

Happy Feisty day everyone! Cheers! :D

International Thank A FOSS Volunteer Day

My friend just gave me a link to Mellisa Drapper blog that has a posting about International Thank A FOSS Volunteer Day. Her idea about International Thank A FOSS Volunteer Day is a good one. We should thank the people who voluntarily contribute their time, energy and mind to their chosen open source project. So with this post I support Mellisa Drapper and declare today, 18th of April, as “International Thank A FOSS Volunteer Day”.

Ubuntu Business Card

After Andy Apdhani share the SVG file for Ubuntu business card, I created one for myself. Here it is….

Ubuntu Business Card

Installing Ubuntu on External USB HDD

UPDATE: 25 May 2007
I just do a fresh install of Edubuntu 7.04 on my external HDD. I did skip Step 8 – Step 11 and it works perfectly.

I just buy an external 2.5″ HDD. I was planning it to be a medium for backing up my data. But finnaly I decided to install Edubuntu 6.10 in it, so I can boot from the external HDD. Actually the installation process needs a little editing if you want to install Grub in the external HDD and boot from it.

What you need to prepare:

  • A computer (of course), in this case I use my notebook
  • An Alternate CD of (U)(Ku)(X)(Edu)buntu
  • 2 cups of coffee


Look Who’s “Wow” Now

Today I’m attending the “Grand Launching Microsoft Windows Vista” in Jakarta Convention Center. Windows Vista is the latest Microsoft Windows Operating System with the tagline “The ‘WOW’ Starts Now”. I thought the visitors won’t be as much because of 1 month delay of the event. In the venue, there are XL Business Solution booth, Acer booth, Nortel Network booth, Samsung booth, and many more. I was attending the presentation about developer track for Windows Vista. They introduce WCF for creating web services application, WPF for creating good looking application for Windows Vista and a demo for Windows Meeting Space. For the WPF presentation, my friend, Dondy Bappedyanto is the speaker. I’m quite impressed what WPF can do to make a beautiful looking applications. Not just desktop applications but also web applications. Unfortunately I didn’t get the door prize for that session :p

After that session, I show my friend and his friends my Ubuntu desktop with beryl installed. I showed them some beryl’s desktop effects and of course the famous 3D cube. And one of them said “Wow, this is better than Vista”. And one of them said, “why don’t you open a booth here?” hahaha…. yeaa right… An Ubuntu booth in Windows Vista launching :p

I wish I could get my hands on Windows Vista, so I could explore it more deeper. For knowledge purposes only of course :)

* ping Dondy, when will you give me an Original Windows Vista? I’ll trade it with the new Ubuntu CD :D *

My Visual DNA

Just for fun :)

Feisty Fawn CDs will be available on shipit

Another good news for ubunteros. Feisty Fawn CDs will be available for order from shipit (I already confirm it with the person who in charge for shipit). So if you want to order the CDs, check the shipit website often. I think they will open for ordering in about 10 more days.


update 12 April 2007
Shipit has open for Feisty Fawn order.. go there, order, and try it :)

Feisty Fawn CD’s for LoCo Team

Just now there is a “Community Question Time” in #ubuntu-meeting on irc.freenode.net. I ask Jono Bacon if the approved LoCo Teams will be eligible for one box of Feisty Fawn CD’s like they did on Edgy CD’s.
And guess what? He said “Yes”!! \:D/

Here’s a little part of the conversations:

(Belutz) QUESTION: will the approved LoCo team will be eligible for one box of Feisty CD's like we did on Edgy?
(jono) Belutz: yes :)

— cutted —

(Belutz) QUESTION: When the LoCo team can begin to order Feisty CD's?
(jono) Belutz: you would need to contact shipit for a specific answer, but I guess after Feisty is released


*pinging Fajran for preparing to receive 1 box of Feisty Fawn CDs*


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