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Feisty Fawn CD’s for LoCo Team

Just now there is a “Community Question Time” in #ubuntu-meeting on irc.freenode.net. I ask Jono Bacon if the approved LoCo Teams will be eligible for one box of Feisty Fawn CD’s like they did on Edgy CD’s.
And guess what? He said “Yes”!! \:D/

Here’s a little part of the conversations:

(Belutz) QUESTION: will the approved LoCo team will be eligible for one box of Feisty CD's like we did on Edgy?
(jono) Belutz: yes :)

— cutted —

(Belutz) QUESTION: When the LoCo team can begin to order Feisty CD's?
(jono) Belutz: you would need to contact shipit for a specific answer, but I guess after Feisty is released


*pinging Fajran for preparing to receive 1 box of Feisty Fawn CDs*

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  1. milisdad milisdad
    Tue, 3 Apr 2007    

    mau donkk….. :)

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