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Feisty Fawn CDs will be available on shipit

Another good news for ubunteros. Feisty Fawn CDs will be available for order from shipit (I already confirm it with the person who in charge for shipit). So if you want to order the CDs, check the shipit website often. I think they will open for ordering in about 10 more days.


update 12 April 2007
Shipit has open for Feisty Fawn order.. go there, order, and try it :)


  1. Fri, 6 Apr 2007    

    waks, ubuntu lagi ..

  2. Mon, 9 Apr 2007    

    Ada apa dengan ubuntu, med? heheh

  3. Mon, 9 Apr 2007    

    Ikez > salah rumah oooyy … salaahh …

  4. Mon, 9 Apr 2007    

    astaga, gue habis mabu2an, salah rumah eike ya bok..

  5. Mon, 9 Apr 2007    

    @ meda & ikez
    LOL =))

  6. Mon, 9 Apr 2007    

    Ikez > ga ke, aku yang salah .. hahaha. (buru2 pake kacamata)

    ikut dong mabu2an ke ….

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