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Look Who’s “Wow” Now

Today I’m attending the “Grand Launching Microsoft Windows Vista” in Jakarta Convention Center. Windows Vista is the latest Microsoft Windows Operating System with the tagline “The ‘WOW’ Starts Now”. I thought the visitors won’t be as much because of 1 month delay of the event. In the venue, there are XL Business Solution booth, Acer booth, Nortel Network booth, Samsung booth, and many more. I was attending the presentation about developer track for Windows Vista. They introduce WCF for creating web services application, WPF for creating good looking application for Windows Vista and a demo for Windows Meeting Space. For the WPF presentation, my friend, Dondy Bappedyanto is the speaker. I’m quite impressed what WPF can do to make a beautiful looking applications. Not just desktop applications but also web applications. Unfortunately I didn’t get the door prize for that session :p

After that session, I show my friend and his friends my Ubuntu desktop with beryl installed. I showed them some beryl’s desktop effects and of course the famous 3D cube. And one of them said “Wow, this is better than Vista”. And one of them said, “why don’t you open a booth here?” hahaha…. yeaa right… An Ubuntu booth in Windows Vista launching :p

I wish I could get my hands on Windows Vista, so I could explore it more deeper. For knowledge purposes only of course :)

* ping Dondy, when will you give me an Original Windows Vista? I’ll trade it with the new Ubuntu CD :D *


  1. Thu, 12 Apr 2007    

    ooo …. *mangut2*. pantesan aku sms ga dibales, ada maenan baru rupanya …

  2. Thu, 12 Apr 2007    

    wakakaka,ntar lagi windows bakal ikut2an rotating cube nih,mana mau bill gates kalah=))

  3. Sat, 14 Apr 2007    

    wew, si om belutz ikutan toh launching nya windows vista…

    aku punya copyannya tutorial office 2007,tapi belun nonton eeuuy

  4. Sun, 15 Apr 2007    

    @ inoex135
    wah boleh tuh tutorialnya Office 2007, lumayan buat nambah-nambah ilmu :)

  5. Wed, 18 Apr 2007    

    That’s a good effort, promoting Ubuntu at a Vista convention hehe.

    If you want to share ideas about spreading Ubuntu in other ways check out Spread Ubuntu:

  6. Sat, 21 Apr 2007    

    You didn’t get a trial of Vista? That was one of the highlights at the “New Day” launch here in Dallas; we got a free copy of Office ’07 and a 180 day trial of Vista Ultimate.

  7. Sat, 21 Apr 2007    

    @ James
    Unfortunately they didn’t give away any Office 2007 or Vista trial :(

  8. Tue, 24 Apr 2007    

    Curi-curi promo nih yeee…

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  1. Ubuntu | Andi Darmawan: Hello Planet Ubuntu on Sat, 21 Apr 2007 at 3:09 am

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