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International Thank A FOSS Volunteer Day

My friend just gave me a link to Mellisa Drapper blog that has a posting about International Thank A FOSS Volunteer Day. Her idea about International Thank A FOSS Volunteer Day is a good one. We should thank the people who voluntarily contribute their time, energy and mind to their chosen open source project. So with this post I support Mellisa Drapper and declare today, 18th of April, as “International Thank A FOSS Volunteer Day”.

Because today is an “International Thank A FOSS Volunteer Day”, as an elected team contact/leader of Ubuntu-ID, I would like to thank:

I also like to thank Jerome S. Gotangco who has been a consultant for me before the Ubuntu-ID goes official. And of course I like to thank Mr. Revvi Sudirnoputra who told me to use Ubuntu :)

Thanks to all. And lets keep spreading the Ubuntu spirit.

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  1. Wed, 18 Apr 2007    

    loh ini ada apa yah pada maen tenkyu2an
    dah mo pensiun yah? hehaheaheahe

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