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Hello Planet Ubuntu

After Feisty Fawn release and waiting the download is finish (it’s still not finish yet because of the slow connection), I added myself into http://planet.ubuntu.com. And I’m the 2nd person from Ubuntu-ID who join Planet Ubuntu

So I would like to say Hi to all Ubuntu members around the world, Hi All!! :)

For all of you who haven’t read my post about Grand Launching Windows Vista in Jakarta, Indonesia, you can read it here –> Look Who’s WOW Now


  1. Mon, 23 Apr 2007    

    Andi belum bertobat Ndi? Masih demen usus buntu? hehe..

  2. Tue, 24 Apr 2007    

    Ubuntu 7.04 sudah didownload. Laporan selesai.

  3. Sat, 28 Apr 2007    

    Bertandang lagi ke sini…Wow ! Banyak progress-nya blog ini. Maafkan kalo komennya ‘gak nyambung’.. :)

  4. Thu, 5 Jul 2007    

    hm…. caranya gimana ya??? dah daftar di planet.ubuntu-id.or.id tapi pengen juga daftar di planet.ubuntu .com coz kata om imtheface dapet account@ubuntu.com. wah jadi pengen juga nih…. btw kapan ada ubuntu world meeting lagi???

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