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Launchpad New Look

After the main Ubuntu website changes it looks, now Launchpad has a new look (I just notice it today). I really like the new look. It looks fresh and more Web 2.0 look alike. Also the breadcrumb navigation is more intuitive. I hope with this fresh new look Indonesia Ubuntu Team will have more spirit to do the translations :D

Here are the screenshots, click the thumbnail for larger image.
launchpad-01.png launchpad-02.png

So point your browser to Launchpad.net and help us to translate Ubuntu and it’s applications into Indonesian :)

My Friend’s Wedding

Today I went to my friend, Auriga and Indra’s wedding. Actually my friend is the bride. I hardly knew the groom, only know him from Riga’s stories.
I knew Riga since I chat in #indonesia in Undernet server back at 1996. And it’s been a really long time since we met. And I’m surprised that she still recognized me :D So as her sister Dira, she still recognized me too hehehehe.

Congratulations to Riga and Indra, may God always give the best for both of you and your families.

PS: Rigz, kapan kita ngupi-ngupi? hihihihi :D


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