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Indonesian LoCo Team Gathering

On 31 30 May 2007 we have a Indonesian LoCo Team Gathering in Ibis Hotel Slipi, Jakarta. There are about 38 people who attend the gathering. We discuss a lot about the future and the continuity of Ubuntu-ID. Some of the topics discussed are translation team project, more support for Edubuntu-ID, Ubuntu commercial support, Ubuntu training, community events and a localized distro that is derived from Ubuntu.

Full report and photos is located in http://www.ubuntu-id.org/news/kopdar-ubuntu-indonesia-30-mei-2007-di-ibis-slipi (in Indonesian)

Move to Another Viewport in Beryl

When I was using Edgy+Beryl, I could easily move window to another viewport/workspace just by right clicking on the window title bar and choose “Move to Another Viewport”.
Move to Another Viewport

Pairing Bluetooth Devices

Last week I accidently left my data cable for my Nokia 6630 in Bandung, so I have to use bluetooth in my handphone and laptop to connect to the internet. I’ve manage to do all the setting by editing /etc/bluetooth/hcid.conf, /etc/bluetooth/rfcomm.conf and /etc/wvdial.conf.

The problem is i can’t get my handphone paired with my laptop. The solution is that I have to install bluez-gnome package.

$ sudo apt-get install bluez-gnome


Installing Ubuntu Studio Theme

Ubuntu Studio is a multimedia editing/creation flavour of Ubuntu. It’s built for the GNU/Linux audio, video, and graphic enthusiast or professional. Because I don’t do audio, video and graphic editing or creation, so I didn’t install Ubuntu Studio. But from the screenshot, I really like the theme that is used by Ubuntu Studio. So I decide to install the theme into my Feisty Fawn.

17 (not really) Must-Have Free Apps for New Ubuntu Users

I was emailed by Free Geekery, he told me that he wrote an article about 17 Must-Have Free Apps for New Ubuntu Users. He told me that his post might be interesting for my blog readers and asking me to give feedback about his posting. Because I can’t give comment on his post so I just give comment to his post in here. For all of you please read his post here, it’s quite a good article.


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