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Move to Another Viewport in Beryl

When I was using Edgy+Beryl, I could easily move window to another viewport/workspace just by right clicking on the window title bar and choose “Move to Another Viewport”.
Move to Another Viewport

But in Feisty+Beryl, I didn’t found that feature. First I thought it’s because I use Beryl 0.2.0 (I was using Beryl-SVN in Edgy). So I upgraded my Beryl using Beryl-SVN (it’s 0.3.0) and still haven’t found what I’m looking for.
From Beryl forum, I found that the problem is in libwnck18 and libwnck-common. Feisty has version 2.18.0-0ubuntu1 for those packages. So I try to downgrade those two packages into 2.16.1-0ubuntu1.1 using this beryl repo (they said it’s a modified packages)

deb http://ubuntu.beryl-project.org/ feisty main

After I downgraded both packages and re-login to my GNOME desktop, I finally found what i’m looking for. It makes my computing life easier. :D


  • I don’t responsible if anything happens if you downgrade those two packages.
  • The side effect is that you will have a notification to upgrade those two packages. (You can use “lock version” in Synaptic to prevent upgrades notification for those packages, but I didn’t because I want to know if there are an update for those packages) Thanks to John and imtheface for reminding me.


  1. Pizuz Pizuz
    Wed, 16 May 2007    

    I like the “Shift-Ctrl-Alt-Right” method lots better, if you ask me…

  2. Wed, 16 May 2007    

    Mas….Feitsy ku ngga detel Wifi Broadcom, ngga bisa konek internet, gimana tuh ???

  3. Wed, 16 May 2007    

    @ Pizuz
    Yes, I aware of that, but I prefer to “throw” the window to another workspace :)

    @ Raffaell
    udah coba dengan ndiswrapper?

  4. John John
    Fri, 18 May 2007    

    To stop the update notification, find the package in synaptic package manager and then click package then lock version.

    This will stop you being notified of any updates to the specific packages you choose.

  5. Fri, 18 May 2007    

    kang andi, kalau efek cube bisa ngga yah cuma dengan klik mouse, btw, belum sempat explor :D

    sekalian nanya kalau ubuntu studio bisa ngga yah dikustomasi kayak DSL, soalnya males kalau saya harus beli DVD writer cuma untuk install ubuntustudio ?

    he-he hasrusnya coments ini dibawah ya :D

  6. Sat, 19 May 2007    

    @ alie
    efek cube bisa cuma dengan klik mouse
    1. tahan klik kanan + tahan klik kiri
    2. tahan klik tengah

    ubuntu studio dikustomisasi bagaimana ya maksudnya?

  7. Fri, 25 May 2007    

    Ndi, aku bingung gimana mo komen, positnganmu gak ada yang aku ngerti … Hiks

  8. Wed, 30 May 2007    

    Updates pleaseee!

  9. Sat, 30 Jun 2007    

    Yeah, why use the mouse for this? Use CTRL+ALT+L/R and CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+L/R. Much smoother.

  10. Sun, 1 Jul 2007    

    well, it’s a matter of preferences.
    If I use Ctrl+Alt+Shift+L/R I have to scroll into the viewports to put the window.
    But if I use the “move to another viewport” i could throw the window into another viewport and I still in my working viewport/workspace.

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