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Gutsy Release Party Jakarta

Today I attend Gutsy Release Party in Jakarta which took place in Papa Rons Pizza Warung Buncit. There are about 50 people that attend the party. I did a presentation about Ubuntu Indonesia LoCo Team while Wisu gave presentation about new features in Gutsy Gibbon.

There are also some games for door prizes. The prizes are some sets of Ubuntu 7.10 DVD Repository and some Ubuntu-ID tshirts. Oh, and the foods are delicious :D

Some of the participants are Miss Irene from Intel Indonesia, Mr. Rama Yurindra from Zend Indonesia, Mr. Bambang from Biskom Magazine, Mr. Andy Apdhani as an Ubuntu Member, Mr. Adin and Mr. Jan Peter from kambing.ui.edu and many more.

This party won’t be a success without the work of the coordinator of Gutsy Release Party Jakarta, Mr. Wisu Suntoyo and team, and BizNet as a sponsor for this party. So I would like to thank them for making this party rocks! Also for all the participant who willing to spend their time to party with us.

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  1. udienz udienz
    Sun, 4 Nov 2007    

    makan makane mana om??? kok di Jakarta pesertanya “cuma” 50, kalah tuh ma di jember… di jember sampe 80 lho!!

  2. Sun, 4 Nov 2007    

    test komen kejaring spam ga :)) hehehhe
    salam kenal mas…

  3. Mon, 5 Nov 2007    

    kuantitas kan tidak selalu menandakan kualitas om :D

  4. Mon, 5 Nov 2007    

    sori boss gak bisa dateng :p
    mudik ke purwokerto biar anakku gak lupa sama bapaknya…hehehe.

  5. Thu, 8 Nov 2007    

    Great! I was privileged to have a presentation at the Dutch Gutsy Release Party. For non-Dutch speakers I translated both the speech and the presentation. Both can be found here:

    We had a turnout of over 200. Kudos to the organizing committee.

  6. Sat, 10 Nov 2007    

    Nice to know you Jan :)

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