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Ubuntu @ Acacia Hotel

Last night I have to work overtime, so my office gave us a room in Acacia Hotel. In my room, there is a PC provided by the hotel for the room guest. And I’m surprised that the PC is using Ubuntu :D


  1. maharbA maharbA
    Sat, 3 Nov 2007    

    I hope you gave them some positive feedback for that :)

  2. Sat, 3 Nov 2007    

    That’s cool! Was that Feisty or Edgy?

    They move the upper panel to the bottom of the screen, probably to avoid complains from Windows users. By the way no network? (look at the Network Manager Icon)

  3. Sun, 4 Nov 2007    

    it use Feisty.
    Yes there isn’t a UTP cable attached to the PC. But maybe we could ask for Internet connection, with extra charge of course. They also provide a free hotspot at the ground floor :)

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