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BlankOn 2 (Konde) Released

BlankOn 2 (Konde) is released today. BlankOn 2 is a Linux distribution that is created with a collaboration between Yayasan Penggerak Linux Indonesia (YPLI) and Ubuntu Indonesia LoCo Team. BlankOn 2 is developed to fulfill the Indonesian Linux users.

With the simplicity and the robustness of Ubuntu, BlankOn 2 is developed using Gutsy Gibbon as the base Linux distribution. So BlankOn 2 is an Ubuntu derivative distribution.

BlankOn 2 is using Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Language) as the main language and we hope we could use this distro to socialize the use of computer terms in Indonesian Language.

BlankOn 2 is also a medium of education for Indonesian developer for online collaboration and learn how to develop a free/open source software. The developer of BlankOn 2 was communicating using IRC in #blankon in irc.freenode.net, mailing list and using Launchpad.

For all of you who wants to try BlankOn 2, you can download it from http://www.blankonlinux.or.id


  1. Sat, 17 Nov 2007    

    Are you affiliated with this project?
    If yes, then why don’t you try to cooperate with Ubuntu thru the Derivative Team

  2. Sat, 17 Nov 2007    

    Congratulations, finally we can make our own linux distributions.

  3. Sun, 18 Nov 2007    

    cuman mo bilang.. makasih ucapan ultahnya di blogku hehehe.. maap ga nyambung ama postingnya soalnya dirimu ga masang shoutbox seh hohoho…

    mari makan-makan depan blog masing-masing! :D

  4. Tue, 27 Nov 2007    

    wew… ada tawaran dari azrael…. tapi maksute dia gimana toh???

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