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Launching MobileMonday Indonesia

On December 4th I was invited by Mr. Arief Rakhmadani on behalf of Nokia Siemens Network Indonesia to attend MobileMonday Indonesia Launching in JW Marriot Hotel in Jakarta.

Mobile Monday is a global community of mobile industry visionaries, developers and influentials fostering cooperation and cross-border business development through virtual and live networking events to share ideas, best practices and trends from global markets.

The first session is a speech from Andy Zain as MobileMonday Indonesia Leader, Jari Tammisto the CEO of MobileMonday Global and a representative from KADIN Indonesia. And the panel discussion was lead by MetroTV anchor, Fifi Aleyda Yahya.

The second session is more like a seminar. The speakers are from MobileMonday India who give a presentation about the growth of mobile industry in India, from Yahoo Asia who give a presentation that Yahoo is creating more contents for mobile devices, from MobileMonday Tokyo who give presentation the advanced mobile content industry in Japan, and Mr. Tomi Ahonen which give a presentation about what needs to be done for mobile industries to survive. The presentation from Mr. Tomi Ahonen was very inspiring.

The third session is the first MobileMonday event in Indonesia. The first presentation is from forum.nokia.com, giving presentation about widgets for Nokia handsets. The second presentation is from Mr. Lawrence Cosh-Ishii from MobileMonday Tokyo that give presentation about the rich mobile content in Japan, and the last presentation is from Synovate Indonesia, who give presentation about their survey of placing advertisement in mobile devices.

Now I can imagine what will MobileMonday event will be. Too bad that the audiences is not really paying attention to the presentations in the third session. Well they must be tired after listening to presentation and presentation since 9 am :p

MobileMonday Indonesia will held an event every first monday in every month to gather people who interested in mobile technology and mobile industries to build a network and to share and present their ideas. And the presentation must be delivered in English.
So if you are interested in mobile technology or mobile industries, you are welcome to attend to this event. And maybe someday you can also share and present your ideas.

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  1. Thu, 17 Apr 2008    

    artikel yang menarik, saya sebagai orang indonesia sangat senang dengan Launching MobileMonday Indonesia. terima kasih artikelnya dan salam bloger indonesia.

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