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How To Arrange Items in Mac Menubar

To rearrange items in Mac menubar (such as clock, volume icon, AirPort icon, etc) just hold the Apple key and then click on the item you want to move and drag it.


  1. Sat, 19 Jan 2008    

    simpel… lagi irit bandwith om?? :p

    **kapan yah punya MacOS….??

  2. tg tg
    Mon, 21 Jan 2008    

    udah pake mac nih?

    welcome to the club, and thanks for the great info!

  3. Thu, 24 Jan 2008    

    hoho.. sayah baru tau trik satu inih..

  4. Sun, 27 Jan 2008    

    halo :p
    mac itu apa yaaa…
    *katro mode on*

  5. Sun, 27 Jan 2008    

    ya begitulah, tuntutan kerjaan :p

    Mac OS itu sistem operasi komputer yang dibuat oleh Apple

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