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Java Jazz 2008

Ok, after watching Syaharani and The Queenfireworks, I watched the performance of Incognito who replace Matt Bianco because Matt Bianco is not coming to Indonesia. Watching Incognito is like listening to the CD and watch the group sings and play the music instruments. So I didn’t watch them until their show is over.

After that, I walk around a bit, browsing the Java Jazz Festival 2008 merchandise, also browsing the food and drinks available in the area, because you can’t bring drinks from outside.
After buying a bottle of Frestea Green which cost 15.000 rupiah, I continue walking around. Saw a little bit the performance of Coda from Australia and some other jazz musicians which I can’t recall their names. Then there is this group who play a song called “Bajing Luncat”, a song in sundanese language with Jazz melody, it’s really cool!

While waiting for Lee Ritenour show, I was going to see Renee Oldstead first. But the queue is very long and the show is not on time. So I left the queue because I don’t want to be late for the Lee Ritenour show.

Lee Ritenour show…. the best!! When he plays my favourite songs, “Night Rhytms” and “Rio Funk” I’m stunned! It was a great performance.

After Lee Ritenour show, I walk around again a bit, looking for some drink and rest a bit while waiting for Bobby Caldwell show.
Bobby Caldwell show is ok. He sing some of his old songs that I know like “Heart of Mine” and “The Real Thing” which he says that he never play “The Real Thing” before in any of his concert. He also sing some of his new songs from his soon to be released album.

Because I have to go to Bandung early in the morning, I didn’t watch the show of Bobby Caldwell until the end. I bought some merchandise and go home.

The photos are available here.

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  1. Thu, 13 Mar 2008    

    waahhh…..sayang banget gw gak bisa dateng…kalo tahun lalu gw bisa tuh dapet tiket murah banget!
    tp,katanya kurang menarik lutz?

    site yang ini gw link yah lutz ke site gue

  2. Thu, 13 Mar 2008    

    hmm menarik ngga menarik sih itu tergantung sih, kalau yang ditonton ngga ada yang disukai ya jadi ngga menarik :p
    sip, nanti gw link balik :)

  3. Thu, 1 May 2014    

    ??????? ??????? ????? ???? ???????? ???? ??????? ?????????????, ??????? ????

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