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Government Award for Ubuntu Indonesia

Ubuntu Indonesia gets an award from Indonesian Government in IGOS (Indonesia Go Open Source) Summit 2 for spreading the open source movement in Indonesia.

In the picture, the award was given by Mr. Muhammad Nuh, The Minister of Communication and Information Technology of The Republic of Indonesia.


  1. Vadim P. Vadim P.
    Mon, 2 Jun 2008    


  2. Mon, 2 Jun 2008    

    Wow, that’s quite big. Congratulations! Keep up the good work!

  3. Mon, 2 Jun 2008    

    Hey, that is really great :-)

    Hopefully we at the Danish LoCo can follow your footstep (although that’ll probably need a different technology minister for that to succeed).

  4. Mon, 2 Jun 2008    

    In the picture, the award was given by Mr. Muhammad Nuh

    you should also write “It was me!” .. wakakakka..

    goed.. selamat!

  5. Mon, 2 Jun 2008    

    Congrats Andi! It is great to see such hard work recognised. :)


  6. Tue, 3 Jun 2008    

    waahhh, hebat euy .. slamad slamad … makan2nya kapan? citos yok? :D

  7. Anita Anita
    Wed, 4 Jun 2008    

    Congratulations! duh disalamin mentri pula… ;)

  8. Thu, 5 Jun 2008    

    Selamat yah Om…;)

  9. Tom Tom
    Mon, 9 Jun 2008    

    Congrats! Nice work!

  10. Wed, 11 Jun 2008    

    congrats bro…
    your beungeut tak biasa kaliii….:P

  11. Wed, 25 Jun 2008    

    Wah, keren. Hehehehehe

  12. Sat, 28 Jun 2008    


    ditunggu maem2 nya :)

  13. Sat, 30 Aug 2008    

    Congratulations! Keep innovating. :)

  14. Fri, 10 Oct 2008    

    gue kok kayaknya kenal yang terima plakat..

    gendut gitu lo sekarang

  15. Markus Majer Markus Majer
    Fri, 26 Dec 2008    

    Greetings and congratulations from germany!

    Keep up the good work – if I come to indonesia some day I will visit you and look what you make possible there :)

    • Mon, 5 Jan 2009    

      @Markus Majer
      Please let me know if you come to Indonesia :)

  16. Wed, 23 Dec 2009    


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