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Saturday night, I went with Yogi, Buan, Rissa and Mario. We went to BFC Bar in Jl. Jaksa. We stay there until 1 AM. After that we go to Vertigo & X Lounge in Plaza Semanggi. The cover charge is Rp. 70.000,- Luckily my friend was paying it for me :p
First, we saw the X Lounge, they playing R&B songs. Then they all want to go upstairs to Vertigo. In Vertigo they playing music that I don’t understand hahaha….
In there I was thinking, what’s wrong with all these people? Why the willing to waste a lot of money on alcoholic drinks? And I was thinking if government make a place like this, they could get a lot of money, and they can pay the debt to other countries. But that was just a thought that would never be come true. It’s impossible that government would open a place like that.
After a while, we go downstairs again to X Lounge. In X Lounge I manage my self to get a sit. It’s a very comfortable place with all the people dancing and drinking. I really like to observe those people and wondering what were they thinking hahaha…. Guess I’m not a ‘dugem’ type of person.

After that we went to eat ‘bubur ayam’ in tebet and we went home.

This are the situation in vertigo, taken with Yogi’s handphone (I know it’s too dark :p)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

When will I have a time not to think seriously and just enjoying my leisure time?

A review: House of Flying Daggers

Lumayan, artistic,environmentnya bagus banget, berantemnya keren, cuma endingnya kok agak mengecewakan yah… Lumayan lah, tapi ceritanya tidak terlalu berkesan. Harusnya Judul Film-nya “Cinta Segitiga” hehehehe

UPDATE 13 September 2004
Bener kan… judulnya harusnya “Cinta Segitiga” :p

dari sini

“House of Flying Daggers” (aka “Shi Mian Mai Fu” [China], aka “Lovers” [Japan]) is set in the year 859 AD as China’s once flourishing Tang Dynasty is in decline.

Tuh di jepang judulnya “Lovers” hehehehe….

A review: Salute to Koes Plus Bersaudara

Title : Salute to Koes Plus Bersaudara
Artist: Erwin Gutawa & Various Artist

Lagu-lagu Koes Plus dibawakan oleh penyanyi-penyanyi masa kini seperti Audy, Andy /Rif, Rio Febrian, Syaharani, dan lain-lain. Lagunya dibawakan sesuai dengan karakteristik penyanyinya. Juga ada lagu instrumental oleh Orkestra Erwin Gutawa. A must have for all Koes Plus Fans.

CSI game

Semalem abis dari kost-nya Momod, pulang ke kost, langsung ke kamar temen kost buat minjem komputernya. Nyobain game CSI yang baru dibeli. Lumayan game nya :D

This is the cover of the game Posted by Hello


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