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FreSh Part 5

Yesterday I went to FreSh (Freedom of Sharing) Part 5 event in Wetiga / dagdigdug.com‘s office.

From five presentations, I only interested in three of them. The one from Norman Sasono (Microsoft Indonesia), Boy Avianto and Anggun Himawan

Norman Sasono said that although the web is offering more services to the users, Microsoft still don’t believe in software as services. Users not only need a browser to access a services on the internet, but they also need a sofware installed in their computers. So, Microsoft solution is Software plus Services. The simple example of Software + Services is iTunes. You installed it in your computer, use it to play some music or movies. But when you need to buy some music, the iTunes will connect to iTunes store on the internet. He also present some demonstration of software using WPF, Silverlight and Azure, the next Microsoft platform for Software plus Services.

Boy Avianto shares his dream in life. Although he have failures to reach his dream, he didn’t give up and always do his best to make his dream come true. And starting January 2009, his dream to work abroad is coming true. He will be working in a research foundation in New York, USA. Congratulations bro! Keep in touch, ok? And for all of you (including me) who hasn’t have a dream come true, don’t stop dreaming and don’t stop trying to reach your dreams. Unless you don’t have anymore dreams to reach :D

Anggun Himawan give a message to us that people should always patience to reach “My Life Wis Pol” (My Life is Full). Don’t give up, learn from mistakes, patience, keep trying and pray to God will help people to reach their dreams.


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