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Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference

Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference

Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference

Although it’s been awhile I know about this book, I decided to download it today. At first I didn’t notice that this book is available for free download :D. The PDF version of this book is free to download and you can buy the print version from Amazon.com

The contents of this 152 pages book are:

Chapter 1: Installing Ubuntu
Chapter 2: Configuring Ubuntu
Chapter 3: Getting to grips with the desktop
Chapter 4: Users and the filesystem
Chapter 5: Hands-on at the command-line
Chapter 6: Software Management
Chapter 7: Securing the system

For you who interested to download this book, you can go directly to Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference website. User from Indonesia can download faster from FOSS-ID website. But it’s best if you download directly from their website to get the most recent version.

At this moment I also like to thanks the author of this book, Keir Thomas  for making this book free to download :)

Artikel ini dalam Bahasa Indonesia

New Ubuntu Member from Indonesia

Today from Asia & Oceania Ubuntu Membership Board meeting, Iang aka Fajran Iman Rusadi is accepted to be an Ubuntu member. Congratulations! Hope to see more contributions from you!

New Ubuntu Members from Indonesia

Well, maybe this post a bit late. But it’s better late than never!

So, congratulations to Mahyuddin “Udienz” Susanto and Muhammad Takdir who has been approved to be an Ubuntu Member on June 10th, 2008.

Hope to see more contributions from both of you!

Government Award for Ubuntu Indonesia

Ubuntu Indonesia gets an award from Indonesian Government in IGOS (Indonesia Go Open Source) Summit 2 for spreading the open source movement in Indonesia.

In the picture, the award was given by Mr. Muhammad Nuh, The Minister of Communication and Information Technology of The Republic of Indonesia.

First Kluwek Event

Kluwek or Kelompok Linux Cewek Indonesia / Indonesia Women Linux Group held their first event on 26 April 2008. They held a seminar about Linux Introduction for students and non-students in President University, Cikarang.


BlankOn 3 Lontara Released

BlankOn 3 aka Lontara has been released on 27 April 2008. BlankOn is an Indonesian Linux Distro that is based on Ubuntu. By default it uses Bahasa Indonesia as the primary language. BlankOn is developed by YPLI (Yayasan Penggerak Linux Indonesia / Indonesia Linux Movement Foundation) and Ubuntu Indonesia LoCo Team.


Ubuntu 8.04 Released

Well, maybe this post is too late :D
But, Ubuntu 8.04 aka Hardy Heron has been released on 24 April 2008. For Indonesian Ubuntu users, the ISO files can be downloaded from http://kambing.ui.edu/pub/ubuntu/ or ftp://dl2.foss-id.web.id/iso/ubuntu/

Selamat untuk Komunitas openSUSE Indonesia

Kepada seluruh anggota Komunitas openSUSE Indonesia, saya sebagai Ketua Komunitas Ubuntu Indonesia mengucapkan Selamat atas terbentuknya kepengurusan Komunitas openSUSE Indonesia.

Semoga Komunitas openSUSE Indonesia dapat terus maju dan turut mempromosikan Open Source di Indonesia.

Semoga sesama Komunitas Open Source, kita dapat saling bekerjasama dalam mendidik masyarakat luas dalam menggunakan FOSS.

Meet With Ubuntu-ID Jogjakarta

Right now I’m in Jogjakarta for some office works. Before I go to Jogjakarta, I already contacted Alvonsius telling him that I’m going to Jogjakarta for one night. Soon as I arrived, I called him so I could meet with some Ubuntu users in this town. Alvon came to The Saphir Jogjakarta Hotel where I stay for this night. He came with 6 other Ubuntu users. We talk a lot about Ubuntu Indonesia LoCo Team and ask them how was the Gutsy Release Party in Jogjakarta.

Domain ubuntu.or.id

Today, 8 November 2007 at 23:57, Frans Thamura has transferered the ownership of ubuntu.or.id domain to Ubuntu Indonesia LoCo Team. Thanks Frans!


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