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Big Buck Bunny

Big Buck Bunny is another open movie that is created using Blender. The movie is now released for download.
For Indonesian people, you can download it from http://dl2.foss-id.web.id/movie/Big_Buck_Bunny/

Enjoy the movie :)

Government Award for Ubuntu Indonesia

Ubuntu Indonesia gets an award from Indonesian Government in IGOS (Indonesia Go Open Source) Summit 2 for spreading the open source movement in Indonesia.

In the picture, the award was given by Mr. Muhammad Nuh, The Minister of Communication and Information Technology of The Republic of Indonesia.

Pendaftaran Seminar/Workshop IGOS Summit 2 Dibuka

Pendaftaran peserta seminar dan workshop IGOS Summit 2 tahap pertama secara resmi telah dibuka. Informasi selengkapnya silakan melihat di alamat: http://summit.foss-id.web.id/2008/05/05/pendaftaran-peserta-seminar-workshop-tahap-i/

Segera daftarkan diri Anda!

-Panitia IGOS Summit 2-

BlankOn Sticker

These BlankOn stickers was given by Mr. Rusmanto. Sorry if the pictures a bit blurry.


Pretty Gutsy

Pretty Gutsy anyone? :D


First Kluwek Event

Kluwek or Kelompok Linux Cewek Indonesia / Indonesia Women Linux Group held their first event on 26 April 2008. They held a seminar about Linux Introduction for students and non-students in President University, Cikarang.


BlankOn 3 Lontara Released

BlankOn 3 aka Lontara has been released on 27 April 2008. BlankOn is an Indonesian Linux Distro that is based on Ubuntu. By default it uses Bahasa Indonesia as the primary language. BlankOn is developed by YPLI (Yayasan Penggerak Linux Indonesia / Indonesia Linux Movement Foundation) and Ubuntu Indonesia LoCo Team.


Ubuntu 8.04 Released

Well, maybe this post is too late :D
But, Ubuntu 8.04 aka Hardy Heron has been released on 24 April 2008. For Indonesian Ubuntu users, the ISO files can be downloaded from http://kambing.ui.edu/pub/ubuntu/ or ftp://dl2.foss-id.web.id/iso/ubuntu/

Afloat 2

Since I use MacOS, I always find a way to make an application window to be always on top. I always use this feature in my Ubuntu box , using CompizFusion with emerald theme that has a button to make the window always in top in the title bar.

Adium annoying bug is fixed! (for now)

Today I upgrade my Adium into version 1.2.4b1 and I just realize that Adium finally fixed the bug that automatically block some people in your Yahoo Messenger contacts. But now the bug is fixed and I’m happy about it.


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